Our Story, Values and Methodology

Our Story

To understand the story of Solar Music Academy, you have to start with Nick Bosman’s story.

As someone who was never a natural musician, he developed his skill through hard work and dedication.
As a neuro-divergent person and someone living with ADHD, Nick is no stranger to difficult learning environments. Through this struggle, he has learned how to better communicate and adapt his approach to musical teaching and connect with students of all skill levels and backgrounds. 

Having grown up around the world, Nick considers himself to be a multicultural person. He has spent his youth in apartheid-era South Africa, survived the tragic 2011 earthquake in New Zealand, and has lived in places completely isolated by langue and modern communication. Through this experience, he has learned the importance of community and how it’s value in creating growth and connection. 

Working as a professional musician, composer, and session musician, it became apparent what skills can be developed and improved to have the largest impact in a musical and business context.

Out of these combined experiences, Solar Music Academy was born. It came about from the decision of creating a model for teaching and musicianship that emphasized a holistic approach to music practice and allowed for musicians to achieve their musical and creative potential within their community.  


Music is to uplift yourself and those around you.
We provide trauma-informed teaching.
We meet the students where they are at, and will go at a pace that is appropriate for them.
We provide equal opportunities for everyone.
We are LGBTQIA2S+  supporters.
We are anti-racist.
We believe in decolonising music and our minds.
We actively use our skills as artists to benefit our community.
Music is a universal language.
Music is an art meant to be shared.
Musicianship can be cultivated and nurtured.
Music is accessible