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Joy & Community
Through Music

"The spirit of teaching is in the art of assisted discovery."

We strongly believe in acting as guides in your music journey. We focus on fostering understanding and personable relationships with our students to create personalized and fun music lessons that allow for growth in whatever path our students want to follow.

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We offer music lessons in Vancouver with a passionate, practical, and progressive approach.

Instrument lessons

Learn how to play guitar and many other instruments with our music lessons that focus on giving you the tools to learn how to play music in a fun way that’s relevant to you.

Online Lessons

Want to learn how to play music in the comfort of your own home? We offer music lessons direct to your device so you can progress as a musician without having to leave the house.

Composition and arranging

Want to write your own songs? We encourage creativity in our students and can enable you to bring your visions to life.

Music theory and ear training

Learn how to speak the language of music with our practical approach to music theory and ear training. You’ll be able to further your understanding of music and use that knowledge to your advantage.

Bring joy into your practice

The solar Songwriting experience

Create, record and release your own music

Music lives in each one of us. Solar Music Academy's highly trained and educated teachers will guide you through very step of the journey of creating, recording ,and releasing your music. This program is aimed at creating a highly personalized journey that not only educates, but also leaves you with a piece of art that you will have for the rest of your life.

You learn the mechanics of music through songwriting, you will learn how to manage and rehearse session musicians, you will feel what it's like being in an industry level recording studio, the mixing and mastering process and then how to properly release and distribute your music through streaming platforms.

You will take the step from being a bedroom musician, to a fully released artist.

Interested in the Solar Songwriting Experience?


What our student's have to say about Solar Music Academy

"I’ve never enjoyed learning an instrument (or any skill) as much as I have with Nicholas. He is a true master of music and his teaching methods are exceptionally fun and effective. He has an ability to teach anyone and any level, age or learning style. And what is truly special is that he completes the whole package with deep kindness, relatability and patience."

Lynne, Piano

"He is a very patient teacher who cares for his students.
He adapts his teaching and approach to meet his students’ learning styles."

Patricia, Mother of student

"Nicholas has not only imparted skills and understanding through his lessons, but he has brought joy back to learning guitar for me. I would highly recommend Nicholas to anyone wanting to
learn to an instrument or music theory."

Michelle, Guitar

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