Music is a language that can be shared, nurtured and developed. With our Vancouver Music Lessons we will guide you and help you play the music that moves you and the people around you. All skill levels are welcome, to experience fun, practical and holistic music lessons using the Solar Method. We facilitate the creativity of our students by promoting the art of composition and songwriting as a means for musical growth. Then we guide you on how to release your art into your community and the public domain. The combination of these ideals, wisdom, and experience is now known as Solar Music Academy.

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Want to take your musicianship to the next level? Grow with Solar Music Academy

We take beginner and intermediate musicians and help them play and create their favourite music.

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Music lessons and our methodology

Using the Solar Method, we will help you play the music that moves you

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Brand New Musician

The fundamentals are essential to progressing your musicianship. Technique, posture and vocabulary are learned through a fun and holistic methodology. Actionable and simple steps are taken to ensure underdstanding.

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We build connection between your ear and your instrument. We start connecting key fundamentals to create engaging pieces of music. We imitate our favourite music and start applying our fundamentals.

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We help you out of the common plateau that many players experience. Focused, deliberate, and essential practice skills are addressed, and greater integration of the key musical vocabulary is develloped

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Advanced Musician

We help you innovate, improvise and master you music. We help the advanced musician achieve a high level of polish, expression and execution. We develop and mentor your growth to achieve musical impact

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Student testimonials

Our students share their experience with Solar Music Academy

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"I’ve never enjoyed learning an instrument (or any skill) as much as I have with Nicholas. He is a true master of music and his teaching methods are exceptionally fun and effective. He has an ability to teach anyone and any level, age or learning style. And what is truly special is that he completes the whole package with deep kindness, relatability and patience."


Piano & Vocals
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"He is a very patient teacher who cares for his students.He adapts his teaching and approach to meet his students’ learning styles."


Mother of student
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"Nicholas has not only imparted skills and understanding through his lessons, but he has brought joy back to learning guitar for me. I would highly recommend Nicholas to anyone wanting tolearn to an instrument or music theory."


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From one of his students: Nick is very patient and he's a great teacher. He takes the biggest amount of steps possible to ensure I understand the lesson or the concept. From a parent: Nick is very in touch with the needs of our kid and has molded the lesson plans to our kid's interests. He's fun, super positive, and supportive. Our child is learning songs that inspire ("Look Down" and "The Imperial March") and is now writing songs - despite only just starting piano. Nick is now helping teach singing to go with the music. We love Nick and highly recommend him to any family.


Parent Of Student
Gold StarGold StarGold StarGold StarGold Star

Wonderful music academy. I wholeheartedly would recommend to anyone looking to learn about the magic of music. I've really enjoyed singling lessons with Nicholas himself!


Gold StarGold StarGold StarGold StarGold Star

I've had a great time returning to music (jazz piano and beginner guitar) as an adult about a decade after I stopped playing in college. Very flexible, lesson and practice is totally doable around a full time work schedule, and oriented towards keeping things light and fun :)Like


Piano & Guitar
Gold StarGold StarGold StarGold StarGold Star

Nick is a really terrific music teacher. I have for a long time wanted to learn guitar but been hesitant on where to begin. Not only is Nick an incredibly talented musician and brilliant teacher he also has a really inspiring passion for music that makes every lesson fun and engaging. I highly recommend Nick and Solar Music for anyone looking to learn or improve their ability or knowledge of a musical instrument.


Gold StarGold StarGold StarGold StarGold Star

My kids have loved their music classes with Nick.  His focus on fun, and rocking out, is what brings them back.  He meets them where they are at, and makes them feel great about their accomplishments.  His classes are a great alternative to traditional music lessons.


Parent of Students
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Music Services

We offer music lessons in Vancouver with a passionate, practical, and progressive approach. We emphasize creativity and joy as a means of learning.

Instrument Lessons

Learn how to play your instrument with our music lessons that focus on giving you the tools to learn how to play music in a fun way that is relevant to you.

Songwriting lessons

Do you want to write your own songs? Are you not sure where to start? We encourage creativity in our students and can provide you with the tools and skills to bring your visions to life.

Summer Camps

Start your kids on a music journey filled with fun and sunshine! Our summer camps have the little superstars learning music, jamming, and enjoying the beautiful Vancouver summer

Music Speakers


Our workshops are focused on developing key musical concepts for the beginner, intermediate and advanced musician. These group classes allow for an environment of group collaberation and musical growth.

Recording and production

Take your creativity and bring it to life with the use of recording software and digital tools. Recording, mixing, and sound design are all at your fingertips!

A Singer

Artist Development

We will help you not only master and create your music, but also provide you with the necessary skills to take your music to the world. Create your music, licence it, promote it and performing music are all part of you becoming a professional musician.

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