We emphasize musicality through a passionate, practical, and progressive approach

Instrument lessons

Master your instrument. These lessons are fun, focused and give you the tools to play your music in a way thats relevant to you.

Online Lessons

Stuck at home?
We offer lessons direct to your device so that you can progress in the comfort of your home.

Composition and arranging

Want to write your own songs? We encourage creativity in our students and can enable you to bring your visions to life.

Theory and ear training

Want to speak the language of music?
We make theory and ear training practical and relevant so that you can use the language and rules to your advantage.

Level up your musicianship

The solar Songwriting experience

Create, record and release your own music

This package takes the student through every step of the songwriting journey: from creating, through recording, and finally to releasing their music.

Step 1 - Creation
Through guided lessons, we will mentor and assist with lyric writing, melody and harmony, band arrangements, and overall tone. This step uses the process of songwriting as a vehicle for the student to develop musicality and technique.

Step 2 - Recording
Next, we will bring that music to life by recording with a team of professional and talented musicians at an industry level studio. The skills and experience of being in this environment and working with professionals will elevate your creations, and is invaluable to your music education journey.

Step 3 - Releasing
Once we have recorded, mixed, and mastered your music, we will guide you on how to register your music, and officially release it on music streaming services. We can't wait to help you bring your music to the world's ears!

Bring your music to life


What our student's have to say about Solar Music Academy

"I’ve never enjoyed learning an instrument (or any skill) as much as I have with Nicholas. He is a true master of music and his teaching methods are exceptionally fun and effective. He has an ability to teach anyone and any level, age or learning style. And what is truly special is that he completes the whole package with with deep kindness, relatability and patience."

Lynne, Piano

"He is a very patient teacher who cares for his students. He adapts his
teaching and approach to meet his students’ learning styles."

Patricia, Mother of student

"Nicholas has not only imparted skills and understanding through his lessons, but he has brought joy back to learning guitar for me. I would highly recommend Nicholas to anyone wanting to
learn to an instrument or music theory."

Michelle, Guitar

Bring joy into your practice

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