The Solar Flare Project

Take your songwriting to the next level.

Learn each step of the musical journey under the guidance of our tutors and industry professionals.

Be the Musician you were meant to be



The Solar Flare Project is a process that will empower you with the skills and industry knowledge to become an independent and releasing artist. Under our guidance you will move through each phase of the creative process so that you come out with a product that is uniquely yours. Each phase of the process will be rich with wisdom, technique and knowledge that is specific to that phase of the journey.

Step One: Write Your Music

Take your songwriting skills one step further. We will take your ideas and polish them whilst teaching you important lessons. All ideas are welcome and they can be a simple sketch that needs developing, or a more realized song that needs an objective perspective to take to the next level.

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Writing Your Music overview
Develop chords, harmony and the instrument arrangements
Develop your lyricism and improve the impact of your words
Fine tune the structure of your music

Step Two: Rehearse & Revise

Develop the execution of your song. This phase will shed light on compositional choices in your music that will inform further decisions in the recording process. The effective facilitation of the process will allow for a smoother recording session and save you time in the studio.

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Rehearse & revise Overview
Learn how to write sheet music for your session musicians
Become an effective band leader
Learn how to take the lessons from rehearsals and how to revise your music

Step Three: Record

Recording your music brings your songs into an industry level studio. We will help you capture the energy and emotion of your songs in a professional recording environment. Learn how to be an efficient and effective studio musician, that is able to put all your creativity to tape smoothly.

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Record your Music Overview
Learn how to organize and optimize your recording sessions
Be in an industry level studio with a professional engineer
Gain the skills to deliver a powerful performance in a recording environment

Mixing & Mastering

Music Speakers

Mixing will allow for your songs to take on the colour and life that they deserve when listened to by your fans. Create a balanced sonic painting that has every musical element on display for your potential listeners. Mastering will then make these recordings radio ready so that they are heard at full volume and the highest quality across music platforms.

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Mix & Mastering Overview
Be involved in how to polish your recordings to make a cohesive piece of sound that allows for all elements to shine
Work with an engineer to create to sonic landscape that resonates with you
Master your track so its radio and streaming service ready

Rights & The Business Of Music

As a creative, you have many rights and ways for you to protect your intellectual property and make money. We will guide in the setup of your website, social media and digital platforms. Make sure you get the most out of the distribution of your music and see that you are not only a creative musician, but an empowered business person.

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Rights & Business Overview
Be walked through every step to ensure your royalties, publishing rights, and licenses are in place.
Understand how to work with a distributor
Digital presence guidance


Yellow Sun

The exciting release of your music can be guided and planned so its put in places where people will have the chance to hear it.
This is the long awaited moment of seeing your creative hard work blossom. Getting to this step means you have been empowered with all the steps to do this on your own in the future.

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Release Overview
Distribute your music on all major platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music
Place songs in sync libraries for film and television
Release scheduling

The Solar Methodology

Instrument Lessons

Musicianship Lessons