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Solar Music Camp

Music, Sun and Joy.

This Camp is all about bringing the joy of music and creativity to the sunny outdoors of Vancouver. We have over 15 years of working with musicians of all ages. This is an opportunity for the rockstars to explore sound, play games, and explore their creativity with the guidance and care of professional musicians and mentors.

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camp activities

All the joy that we can share

Drum Circles
Learn the joy of rhythm and make the most epic drum circle Vancouver has to offer. We will create our percussion sets and explore rhythm and groove. The rockstars will have the opportunity to paint and decorate them as they please to allow for their personality to shine!

Ukulele Band
Ukuleles are a fun and great instruments for all skill levels to strum chords and sing along to all our favourite songs. Be prepared for a ukulele band of Vancouver's rockstars of tomorrow.

DIY Instruments & Sound Exploration
Who said you needed to pay thousands of dollars for an instrument?! This arts and crafts project will bring to life the rockstars own sound creations. We will then take these instruments and make a cacophony of joy and laughter

Outdoor Fun and Games
All rockstars need to move! Plenty of free play time and organized games will keep the bodies moving in between jam sessions

Arts & Crafts
Expression comes in all forms. The rockstars will have the opportunity to create visual art and whatever their hearts desire. This may be their first band logo?!

At the end of the week, the rockstars will have the opportunity to perform for each other. Power slides, windmills and drum solo's are applauded!

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Full payment will ensure your spot at camp

Jam Week 1
July 25th - July 29th 2022

Jam Week 2
August 22nd - August 26th 2022

What To Bring
Sun Lotion
Lunch and Snacks
Hand Sanitizer
Wet Clothes

$350 Single Child
$680 For Two Children

Pick up and Drop Off
East Van Britannia Library Entrance.
Drop off from 08:50 Pickup at 15:00

Cancelation Policy & Late Fees
Programs cancelled prior to June 15th will be refunded minus $100 deposit. No refunds from June 16th, 2022. Special consideration will be given to accommodate wait listed participants.

Late pickup fee of $10 will be requested if later than 3:15 for pickup. Extenuating circumstances will be considered. Traffic not included in extenuating circumstances. We charge $10 so you have peace of mind and our time is honoured.

Additional Information
Children with Special Needs who have an EA in school full time will be welcomed to join the camp with a full time EA provided by their family.​

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