Our method is based off of two basic principals.

Music is a language

A language is a collection of sounds that, when organized, will convey meaning within the context of its environment or community. Why should the sounds of music be treated differently from the sounds of a language?

Our speech has patterns and rhythms. 
Our sentences have tone and pitch
Our grammar has structure and theory

How does one learn a language? Through immersion with more experienced speakers, one word at a time!

A lesson with us will use your primary goal or instrument as a vehicle for developing your vocabulary and becoming fluent in the language of music. Whilst developing the skills unique to your instrument, you will simultaneously be exposed to the building blocks of music by integrating ear training, improvisation, creativity, and music theory in a way that is practical to you. Deep understanding and fluency is essential for musical growth and we will help you get there! 

We systematically work on the vocabulary of music by focusing and integrating the building blocks of:


We then use those building blocks to express musicianship through:


We place extra emphasis on the creativity and songwriting components of music. Through the process of writing your own music, you get to see firsthand how the building blocks of music can be combined to create meaningful work. By combining the vocabulary gifted to you by the music around us, you are able to take musical elements that resonate with you to create your own music.

Music is connection

Using the language of music, we strive to create meaningful connections between the tutors, our students and our combined communities. We strive to get to know our students on a personal level and understand their unique story.

Everyone has a unique story

This allows us to better guide you on your musical journey and deliver our music lessons in a way that you will be most receptive to. 

We are guides in YOUR journey

As a creative individual, we will help you take your songs to the world by helping you finish your art and release it into the public forum. This can include streaming services or public performances. We want your creativity and story to be heard and to teach you the necessary skills to give yourself a platform.

Your songs are your story, and stories connect communities.

The Solar Method in Action

A Singer


  1. Listen to the music that you love.
  2. Capture the essence of the passage through the voice and body.
  3. Copy the phrase in its entirety on your instrument.
  4. Apply instrument specific technique to the passage. Articulate and phrase precisely.


  1. Analyze the passage. How does it make you feel? How do the building blocks combine to achieve this?
  2. Explore the phrase across your instrument. Practice it in multiple contexts, tempos, and keys so that you understand the phrase.
  3. Use the phrase in your own music, whether it be in composition or in improvisation.
  4. Have fun with the phrase!
Yellow Sun


Combine this and all other phrases into your personal musical vocabulary. You can then take the best parts of all this knowledge to create the music that you love to hear.