With our specialized Vancouver guitar lessons, Solar Music Academy will level up your guitar playing. Whether you are a new student taking your first lesson or an advanced player preparing to rock an audition, our Vancouver guitar instructors have the tools and wisdom to help you every step of your journey. The concepts listed below are taught systematically and through your favourite songs. Our expert guitar instructors will help you will unlock the technique, guitar skills, and vocabulary that is unique to the guitar, your playing style, and the music you want to play!

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All our instrument lessons focus on mastery of technique and musicality. We use the Solar Method to create engaging lessons that are tailored to your needs.

Left Hand Fretting & Touch

Taking guitar lessons involves more than just strumming chords. One of the most important skills to master is the proper left-hand fretting technique.To produce clear and accurate notes, it's essential to position your fingers correctly and apply the right amount of pressure to the frets. While this skill may take time to develop, consistent practice will help you achieve greater control and expression in your playing.In addition to finger positioning and pressure, it's also important to be mindful of touch and dynamics. Varying your playing style between soft and loud notes, and using different techniques such as hammer-ons, pull-offs, and slides, can create a range of unique sounds and add depth to your playing.By honing your left-hand fretting and touch skills, you can elevate your guitar playing to the next level. With dedication and patience, you'll be able to create intricate melodies and express yourself in new and exciting ways.

Picking Technique

Adding the picking technique to your arsenal enhances the emotional level of your guitar playing. With just a few strums or plucks of the strings, you can convey different moods and feelings through your music.Create a sense of joy, melancholy, or excitement with just the right picking technique. By experimenting with different methods, such as alternate picking, sweep picking, fingerpicking, and hybrid picking, you can unlock a world of musical possibilities.But it's not just about the techniques - it's also about controlling the volume and tone of your notes by adjusting the pressure and angle of your pick. This allows you to craft a sound that is uniquely your own.

Strum Patterns & Comping

Playing a diverse range of strum patterns and accompaniment styles can truly elevate a song or performance. This skill not only involves being able to switch between different strumming patterns but also incorporating syncopated rhythms while maintaining a steady pulse.Additionally, it encompasses understanding and following chord progressions as well as mastering comping techniques such as arpeggios and broken chords.Incorporating a range of strum patterns and accompaniment styles can help create a dynamic and captivating musical experience.


Having a solid grasp of the notes and chords on the guitar fretboard is crucial for any guitar player seeking to enhance their skills. This mastery allows for smoother transitions and greater flexibility while playing. It encompasses understanding the fretboard layout, memorizing the notes, and the ability to play chords and scales in multiple positions.Additionally, it involves the talent to improvise and create unique melodies by linking scale patterns and arpeggios.By taking the time to master the fretboard, you can unlock your full potential as a guitarist and achieve greater musical expression.


By using techniques like vibrato, slides, and bends, you can add emotion and expression to your playing. Plus, controlling the dynamics and tone of your notes gives you a wide range of tonal variations to explore. By combining different articulation and tone techniques, you can develop a unique style that reflects your personality and emotions. It takes time and practice to find your signature sound, but the journey is worth it.


Exploring your creativity and expressing your musical talent through improvisation and soloing is an immensely rewarding skill. It involves composing and performing new music in real time, either by improvising or creating original songs. This ability requires coming up with fresh melodies and harmonies on the spot and shaping them into complete pieces of music.Mastering this skill requires understanding music theory, including chord progressions and song structure, which allows you to create and compose unique songs that convey your artistic expression.


Learn to master the art of reading music. This vital skill involves understanding musical notation and sheet music, along with rhythm, harmony and dynamics. Mastering this skill will grant you the ability to sight read, allowing you to play a musical piece without prior practice.

Performance & Audition Preperation

Preparing for a performance or audition requires more than just raw talent. It involves honing the skills necessary to deliver a polished and professional presentation of your that captivates the audience. This entails practicing and perfecting every aspect of the performance, such as timing, stage presence, and overall delivery.However, it's not just about mastering the technical aspects. It also involves building your confidence, managing your nerves, being able to make quick adjustments if necessary, and staying focused throughout the performance.Practice these skills and you will be sure to rock your next performance or audition.

Extended Tecniques

Discover the world of extended techniques! These are advanced and unconventional methods used to create one-of-a-kind sounds and effects on the guitar. By incorporating techniques such as tapping, percussive playing, alternate tunings, and electronic effects, you can take your guitar playing to the next level. It requires a high degree of creativity and experimentation, as you push the boundaries of traditional guitar playing.With extended techniques, you can unlock a whole new level of expression and artistry on the guitar. Don't be afraid to try something new and see where it takes you! Whether you're an experienced guitarist looking to expand your repertoire or a beginner eager to explore new sounds, extended techniques offer endless possibilities for sonic exploration.

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